What indeed?  The name of this blog comes from a little snippet of poetry that I wrote years ago

like shifting sand,
which has no home.’

From that came Sand has no home, and it has followed me throughout the last 7 or 8 years, through various projects, most of them forgotten, neglected or tossed away.  The line always evokes imagery of desert sand dunes for me; a scene from The English Patient; sand swirling and drifting, aimless, transient and gypsy-like.

Words can be like that, set free, posted out of a window in Tuscany like Liv Tyler’s character in Stealing Beauty, or lost, discarded or hidden.  Words are restless, they refuse to stand still, taking flight on the imagination of their readers, sparking the fuses of ideas, as they do.  Words evoke images, painting pictures, leaving indelible stamps.

If I say, as I did in my grandmother’s eulogy, that her spirit will be recalled in the colours of a rosella in flight, in the light of the bush after rain, then these things become so, at least for me.  It is a gift.  Words can breath life and colour into ‘the pallid and the cold’.

These are part of what is in the name of my blog, shifting words, tumbling words, like sand or seed cases in the wind.  One big long segue….