I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to start writing and publishing some poetry on this newly designed page. That is what the menu item ‘Words’ is all about. I’m just feeling my way, it has been years since I tried to piece words together in this way. Poems were the only thing that I used to write, aside from letters and my journal, so it is rather lovely and curious that those things, along with books, should all join hands here and run forward together in a chain. Here is the first poem


My little boy
mismatched, standing
outside of the rain.
He laughs,
offers his open mouth
for kisses,
and echoes my words.

Passing concerns,
the surfeit of phrases
doesn’t matter here, there
are these funny little moments,
all okay – nothing to see,

just sweet, just naughty.
Just two.

With his dirt smeared face,
he smiles a crooked smile,
closes his eyes, holds his arms
aloft, and spins.

I am the memory-keeper of his joy.

Here, he opens the middle drawer
and, walking down the hall
to the kitchen where
I am cooking, he
delivers my clothing
garment by garment.
I thank him each time, and watch
his shy face light up.
My heart swells.

There is
wrong here.

He is Him,
my boy, and he is love,
his head cradled upon my heartbeat once again-
Oh golden haired boy, with his curls shorn off.