Autumn on WellerWhen you are trying to work through a little grey patch, it helps to have a list of all of the precious, good, little things that make you happy, I find.  It slays the dragons of nasty little inner voices.  This is my list, for now.

List of good things
1. the small trail/crumbs of blessings that I follow like a paint by numbers creation
2. the laughter of my children
3. an un-expected letter, or a kind message, intuitively sent
4. the red leaves before they fall, and the drifting piles afterward.
5. tiny purple blossoms, climbing the walls and infiltrating floorboards, to bloom in my kitchen
6. the cold nights woodsmoke
7. a head rub, a tender touch, bringing me to my knees
8. the swoop, scatter and turn of flocks of sea gulls as I walk down my street into the sunset.
9. the reminder that I am not measured by my own perceived inadequacies, but rather by the goods that I do
10. a moment alone
11. three hours uninterrupted sleep
12. how my husband’s hand finds mine again as we walk down the street, just the 2 of us, remembering how it used to be
13. the realisation that this is home, for all of the right reasons
14. that I am getting old, but I am worth more than gold and bad rhymes
15. though I avoid the mirror, and old photos bring out some melancholy, yet still I see modest beauties
16. i write this for me and for you, because you’re not in this alone.
17. the immeasurable preciousness of my sons small gifts to me: the little words, the mouth offered for kisses; the dressing gown offered to me as I get out of bed
18. that things are always changing, and so the bud opens, blooms, withers and is born again, in perfect symmetry
19. that good friends don’t need to be in constant touch to be part of the structure that supports you through bad weather
20. knowing that I was always enough; loved well enough; gave enough; wrote enough; cared enough; did enough

What would you put on your list? What are your precious little gifts/refuges/shields/balms?

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