JournalsHere I am, standing under the exhaust fan in the kitchen again, baby girl snoring on my chest. The whole household are awfully sleep deprived after two nights running of scant slumber. Teeth and whatever is ailing Boodi are tormenting us all, still, it is just a day, we’ll get through like we always do.

Meanwhile, there was this!


Ten weeks of hard work culminated in three chapters that I redrafted only about a hundred times, a synopsis and a submission piece. It was great just to do the submission, but I will soon be getting to work on the following three chapters. It’s my first work of fiction, and honestly it could do with another hundred redrafts, but for the purposes of the Richell prize, I had to just let go and remember that a perfectly polished piece was not required.

For now I am working on a short story for  The Lord Mayors Creative Writing Awards. You can read about the awards here. I am a little bit in love with this short story, Cerulean. I started it when I first moved back to Melbourne from Bondi, but then it sat where it was for a good five or six years. Every time I ever picked it up I remembered why I loved it, but put it away again despite every good intention. I thought that it was a book, but it’s not. It’s a lovely little vignette, a pretty and a sad take on a newspaper story that I read once, and the first draft is finished.

I have so many thoughts as I write and I think that I need to get back into journaling, something that I once did religiously, but stopped pretty much when I met my partner, Al ten years ago.  I put it down to a transference of that daily intimate dialogue from page to spoken conversation. It’s a pity that the conversations are so ephemeral, and we can’t go back and reference them like we can with old journals. The time has come again, when I need to have important discussions with myself, but I have no idea how to get back into the habit. A beautiful new Italian journal is probably in order, or do I just pick up where I left off?


Do you journal? When do you fit it in? What do you journal about? And do you have any favourite places to buy beautiful stationery? I know that my sister has answers to all of these questions, she is the most consummate journaller that I have ever known, and has gifted me many of my favourite journals xx

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