RoseI’m moving a few things around on “the sands, getting rid of ballast and setting sail, which as a reader, means more regular focus on my blog categories, so more poetry, children’s book reviews and pieces on raising a child with autism along with the intuitive segue that I usually follow. I’ll be getting rid of the letterwriting category, though I still may write about it, particularly as it pertains to the transcriptions of WWI letters on the Dear Colina blog and the book that my husband and I want to make of them.


It’s good to do a bit of house-keeping, don’t you think?  Meanwhile, I’ll also be looking at some children’s literature author interviews, as well as getting some other people to write some short pieces of creative or memoir writing on the blog  so, lots to look forward to, yay! To kick things off, here is a little poem that I recently wrote. Hope you like it.


You never wrote me a love song,
but you serenaded me
once you wrote a poem
about my naked body,
only a hundred years ago.


It’s a different body now.
having grown and birthed your
babies, boy then girl,
planned mysteries both. I rather
loved the swell and curve of my
gravid body, it was a love song all
it’s own.


A child is not a love song,
that we wrote together,
a child is so much more than that,
genes mingled,
yours and mine,
entwined in these
mysterious ways.


Let me post this whisper
through the bedroom door:
I never needed the gentle strum
of guitar laden offerings,
and the past is a path of
softened yesterdays. Here,
today, is you and I and these two


How’s your housekeeping going? What is inspiring you? Have you ever been serenaded? Mine was at my wedding on his knees!

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