Last week Amy from Handbag Mafia won the “coveted blog award” Sisterhood of the World, and nominated me with some questions of her own, so here we go…

1. Who made your teenage heart sing- your biggest celeb crush from your teeny-bopper years?!

River Phoenix was the one. Oh dear, I can see that I’m going to have to go ferretting through boxes to find the illustration that my older brother Grant did of him on my 14th birthday card.  Here’s a picture of River Phoenix…

The late River

The late River

I don’t think I was even that into his films, it was the swoon-worthy pictures in teen magazines that had me hooked. I could not stand that Martha Plimpton floozy, let me tell you! Luckily I was well over my crush by the time poor River’s life came to it’s very sad conclusion.

2. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. You can choose 3 bloggers to be on your survival team.
Who do you choose and why?

Amy from Handbag Mania, because with her seasoned arguments she could talk us out of some tight situations with the descending zombie hordes. Melissa from Hugzilla because she could disable them with the bent over laughter and choking on tea while we make our getaway (not to mention meat cake. Hello!), and Bron from Maxabella Loves because she could distract them with a smorgasboard of delicious baked delights (though probably nothing could tear them away from Melissa’s meatcake).

3.What is your guilty pleasure?
Um…. I would say chocolate, but I don’t actually feel guilty. I was never that into chocolate until having children drove me to it, which brings me to wine I suppose. I don’t get enough wine in my life, having been breastfeeding for over three years straight, with children who like to suckle at will throughout the night (er, just the one of them suckles actually). I sometimes have the second glass before bedtime and hope for the best. I subscribe  to the ABA theory that only a miniscule amount of alcohol gets through (and that’s if she wakes up, Lady is 16 months old. Don’t shoot me please).


My drop of choice

4. Favourite piece of art?
I’m going to go with a piece by French painter Marc Chagall. I don’t even know the name of it, I have this postcard sized print framed in my hallway. One of my dearest friends sent it to me from France in the late 90s and I have always loved it. I know that it has heavy religious connotations, but for me it was like an illustrated version of this vision of salvation that I had the night that my father and brother died when I was 18. I was too afraid to close my eyes, because when I did I would see them drowning in front of me again, but then my mind conjured this image of the huge white cumulous clouds in the sky that afternoon sailing down and gathering them from the violence of the water, and I was comforted, and able to sleep. That was years before Heidi sent me this postcard, and although she was there with me in the days after the accident, I don’t know that I even shared that vision with anyone other than my sister. Anyway, it’s beautiful, full of colour and hope.


The very print

5. Are you a feminist? Why/why not?

Yes. How could I not be? All that you really have to do is look at our last (elected) government that had Tony Abbott as Minister for Women and only one other woman as a senior cabinet minister. I know that old T.A was and is a dick, but honestly, anyone who thinks that isn’t truly shocking should just think for a second about the situation being reversed. I saw an article from theUK yesterday showing photos of politicians and then the same group with all of the men photoshopped out to highlight how empty the photo was with the one or three lonely women represented, and it brought it home. There are a hundred other reasons that I identify as a feminist, and why I think that it is important to identify thus, but I think that nails it for the moment.

6. Describe your daggiest at-home outfit- extra points for photos!

I don’t have to think about it, I have this  hideous fluffy grey dressing gown that my friend Simon christened the wooly mammoth when he came over unexpectedly with his kids one morning a few months ago and caught me in it, along with my brown ugg boots. You can have a photo, sure, but not of me in it. The internet is forever!


The Woolly Mammoth

7. Funniest or most cringe-worthy thing that’s happened to you?
You know, this is probably not the funniest or most cringe worthy thing ever, but this is what springs to mind: My sister and I, and my mum, brother and cousin were all in a very small lift coming down from a meeting with our QC (Queen’s Counsel) in the chambers above the County Court in William St, Melbourne in the mid-90s and standing in front of us was a silk in full regalia…… with veritable mountains of dandruff gathered on his shoulders. My sister and I looked at each other and started giggling uncontrollably. You know the kind of hysterical giggling, with tears running down your face, where you could not stop if your life depended on it? That was us. Our mother was rightly mortified, and the silk didn’t once turn to give us a stern look.

8.Why did you start writing?
I couldn’t not write, I just always have. The catalyst for really getting my teeth into it though was being at home after the birth of Boodi. I started the blog when he was just 2 months old, not because I was bored out of my mind but because I wasn’t working full time in customer service (I used to be the accounts and admin manager for a national wholesale costume jewellery company) and I finally had the mind space at the end of the day to write. Boodi wouldn’t sleep unless it was on me or in the pram, so I spent a lot of time walking around Geelong (we moved here when he was 5 weeks old, so it was a good cahnce to explore). I find that walking really stimulates your mind into recollecting things or observing. We go for long drives on the weekends and  looking at the Great Ocean Road or the Otways or the dozen other different ways that we go inspires new ideas. Thank god for the notes section on my iphone.

9.What are a few of the must-have features in your dream home?
A library and some huge bay windows, with window seats overlooking a river and lots of trees, and an enormous bath tub with spa jets. Actually,  I was just thinking today that the rental house where we live here in Geelong is my dream house. It feels like home. It has a leadlight sailing boat and lighthouse over the threshold and was built in 1901. It’s a Victorian miner’s cottage with climbing roses and 12 foot ceilings. Of course we can’t afford to buy it, and it’s too small and needs work anyway, but one can dream..

10.Your ultimate meal?

Sitting down to eat with my whole family alive and intact.
We might sup on Mama’s vegetable soup, the baked fish that we had on the beach on our honeymoon at Railay Beach, and the foods of my childhood, including Loraine Milburn’s chocolate custard, with a side of chicken shawarma from Sai Baba’s in Bondi, and some fried chicken and sticky rice from Chiang Mai. Oh, and a bit of our white chocolate mud wedding cake that my Mum made.

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