Bricks in the wall

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Wear your hair just exactly this way. Don’t dare to be different. You can’t wear that.
Stay in your pigeon hole, girl. You can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t be.
Don’t you show your desires, slut (except to me, in this moment),
but you can write
(your first poems)

Moving on, I learned that you could fall through some cracks the size of the Grand Canyon,
and not one teacher from your new school
would pick up the phone and ask where the hell you were,
as you wandered, lost in the streets of your new city, for weeks and months,
and that the chasms that you found yourself in then could feel too deep to climb out of,
but you can write
(a whole book of goodbye songs)

I learned that you can pick yourself up through no fault of anyone else,
because you’re stronger than all of the Pink Floyd songs in the world after all,
so you can go on and find a new school where
you wear what you want, write what you want,
start reading poetry and Russian classics,
and listening to Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, while you
keep on choosing the guys who aren’t that into you, blind to the ones who are.
But you can write
(excruciating journals)

I learned that in high school you can make the best friends of your life, and that being 16
might be the most intense thing that you will ever know, even if it isn’t the hardest,
That it’s probably a bad idea to get the class awards for the subjects that you’re into whilst
outright failing the ones that don’t interest you
But you can write,
(Essays that garner  the right letters))

I learned that the school vice captain was probably right when she said to the cute French boy
whose name eludes me now that she would pass him in the dole queue in her BMW on the way to her chalet at Mt Buller, but that maybe there’s a line between what people want and the way they’re willing to get there
But you can write
(Corporate law writs, or the more illustrious alumni can)

I learned that maybe I could have applied myself and done what I wanted to do, academically that is, because I absolutely did do what I wanted every other way, and then it might not have taken 25 years and the strangest of detours to be calling myself a writer.
Just writing.

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