Boodi paintsNovember is as good as over, and with it goes Spring.

Turns out I was pretty rubbish at Nanowrimo! I wrote 6 or 7 thousand words, which is just a little short of the aim of 50,000. Things are just a little too unpredictable and roller coaster like around here at the moment to commit to word counts and deadlines, but on my way into chapter 8 of She Sells Sunshine, I am extremely happy with the writing and with the story arc. I guess I’m almost halfway to the end (of the first draft at least).  You can read Chapter 1 here.

Writing this book is kind of like the glue that is holding me together right now, (along with my husband!). Things have been really hard in our house, really, truly hard. We are feeling our way through the roads of autism like blind people, and sometimes the bumps in the road are so big that we fall flat on our faces and have no idea how to get up. So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board to work out new strategies and what will help our family go forward. That has to entail a many pronged approach. We will make it through, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be easier somehow.

There’s always tomorrow…

Hope your today is magic x