…..And now for something completely different…. Please excuse my extreme ineptness with technology, amply demonstrated by needing to do this in 3 videos because, er, the screen kept going black and the filming would stop. That is some extreme tech talk from me, somewhat on par with the glamour demonstrated in said videos (I did these tonight after the kids were in bed). I think that some things are better said in a chat (ok, a monologue), and when a photo of Boodi from two years ago came up on my newsfeed on Facebook the other day, it got me thinking about how far I have come in my thoughts on what disability means.

I know that I’m asking for a little bit more of your time than usual, and so I don’t expect a very big response, but if you do have the time to watch, that would be great, and thank you!

Let me add this link about Stella Young and the social model of disability to preface my rather inarticulate attempt to first name and then explain said model.


By the way, I’m really thinking that the still from that 3rd video should be my profile picture for, well, everything! Right?

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