Happy New Year!

Sorry I have been a bit scarce around here lately, if anyone is watching. Between uni reading and lectures and assignments, plus trying to keep up with my own reading and writing, blogging has not been my priority. I am, in any case, writing a lot, just not here.

I am popping in this morning because I was watching Rage with a cup of tea and the Black Box song Ride on Time came on. I mentioned to my mum that it came out in the brief period that we lived in Darwin, which in turn reminded me that it was New Years Day in 1990, 27 years ago today, that we set out from Bendigo to drive to the Top End, in our convoy of two cars. I was only fifteen years old. The years of your life pass so quickly. Tomorrow it is 24 years since my father and my brother lost their lives, walking distance from where I sit typing this.

I think back on all of the happy New Years Eve nights and the mornings after. They’re all a lot quieter now (we were woken by Sophie the dog barking at the birds at 5:30 this morning, for our early greeting of the new year).

I’ve never been one for huge shenanigans on NYE anyway, my favourite recollections are tiny dinner parties in with one of my dearest friends, in a poets house in North Carlton, drinking white wine and eating her cooking, talking and laughing, listening for the fireworks in the city close by, or dancing all night under the peach tree in my friends, the Lovelights back garden in Bondi, listening to David Bowie and drinking daiquiris. I remember a fantastic house party in St Kilda drinking vodka with a whole bunch of friends, old and new. I was so young and everything that I have now stretched ahead. I remember the walk home from that party with my friend Simon, who had to prop me up, laughing with hilarity against a telegraph pole each time that he needed to relieve himself, on the way back to Elwood. There was the night by Kerford Road Pier, and the nights with the guys from the King of Tonga bar in Elwood, the night spent out here, at Bushie’s for the millenium.

The beginning of a new year is such a nice time to pin-point exactly where you were in years past. It’s enough to make me smile. 2016 has been the same mixed bag for me that most years are. Leonard Cohen’s death was a huge blow, as was the US election result, but none so great as some terrible health for two members of my family, but I also met some of the strongest, smartest, fiercest, funniest, most beautiful bunch of mum’s, who happen to be mothers to autistic children, and I went back to uni and have been doing well, and my work on my book has continued steadily, if slowly. My immediate family are healthy and happy, and Boodi has a place in a great special needs kinder program this year, which will be amazing, so I cannot say that we are not blessed.

I hope that this time of year is filled with happy memories for you, even if, like my family, it holds the memory of a terrible event amongst the other years. I am grateful for all of the happy end of years that I have had, and the awakenings into health, abundance and love that the morning has always brought on New Years Day. Let us hold the morning in hope for the remainder of the year and may you and yours stay safe, well and happy.

Over to you, 2017 x