Hi, I’m Dani. I have been writing The Sands, as my Aunty Lynette calls it, since August 2012. I think of it as being like a cardboard suitcase full of stories.  I moved to Geelong, Victoria from Melbourne when my son Boodi was five weeks old, and I started writing.

I am in the third year of a bachelor degree in Professional and Creative Writing, with a minor in Literature.  I am working on redrafting and revising a full-length fiction manuscript with the working title of She Sells Sunshine, with another manuscript started and put on hold so that I can explore it further during my Honours year beginning mid-2019.  I also write poems, short stories, essays and I review children’s books.

I have a six-year-old son with “severe” autism and a four-year-old daughter with “severe” attitude.  I don’t really believe in “severity” levels though.  It’s called life.  Author Alice Sebold called that strength which grew into a family through grief ‘the lovely bones’.  We have lovely bones around autism and our autism tribe.  Speaking of grief, I write about that too, but not attached to my son.

I thank you for visiting.  Read on…