Hi, I’m Dani. I have been writing The Sands, as my Aunty Lynette calls it, since August 2012. I think of it as being like a cardboard suitcase full of stories.

Some of my story is that I am an Elwood ex-pat, living in Geelong West in Victoria with my husband and our two little people, Boodi and Lady.  We love it here in our 1901 workers cottage complete with iron lace and climbing roses.

My passions are writing, children’s books, poetry – the writing and the reading, and left-wing politics (but I’ll leave the politics out of the sands).

Reading through, you may come across some posts about grief. A  long time ago,  when I was almost 19 years old, I saw my father and my older brother drown in an irrigation channel in Central Victoria. Such an experience shapes you to some degree, entangles and intertwines into all that you are and all you become, and so my writing is sometimes coloured and washed by my grief. I am happy to be open about what grief has meant, and continues to mean to me.

My little boy, Boodi, was diagnosed with autism in early 2015, so that is our new journey of discovery. It is a road full of discovery, up and downs, the tears and smiles and love that you would expect, and some other things that you might not.

Thank you, really thank you for coming here and reading these musings and words. I love and appreciate your comments and feedback. If you want to contact me, you can email me at sandhasnohome at gmail dot com.