Vision and Practice:


My creative practice is writing creatively, commercially and academically.


My vision is to explore notions of what it means to be human in the face of perceived adversity, fostering new pathways towards awareness and understanding.


I aspire to write creatively across a broadly diverse range of forms, mediums and audiences, incorporating research, flexibility and fluidity to deliver final products which exemplify nuance and polish.




My academic area of interest lies in disability representation and two of my published non-fiction pieces have spoken to my experience as the mother of a severely disabled child who is semi-verbal.  I am interested in and qualified to write as an advocate and assistant for disabled people and organisations and am keen to work as a volunteer in this area.


I have worked as a freelancer in publishing for commercial interests and have also worked as an embedded creative performing numerous roles within companies in the fashion, homewares and event management fields.  I have extensive experience with website content creation and writing press releases for companies that I have worked for, whilst also fulfilling diverse tasks in account management and client liaisons.


What I Can Bring to You:


I am skilled at writing short pieces of writing for websites and press releases, as well as shorter reviews and magazine articles, but I can also write longer informative or feature writing, tailored to the specific needs of clients.  I have had several pieces of fiction and non-fiction published and have been shortlisted for two flash fiction competitions.  In addition, nominated for the Judith Rodriguez writing prize.  I am a good communicator with years of experience dealing directly with existing and prospective clients.