Rapido’s Next Stop by Joelle Jolivet and illustrated by Jean Luc Fromenthal

Rapidos Next Stop

This book is too cool for school. It is a large, clever, design oriented book about a little red delivery truck called Rapido, who travels the city delivering all kinds of indispensibles – from olive to guitars. Within pages filled to bursting with all of the makings of a busy metropolis, Rapido’s deliveries are revealed under lift up panels, in rhyming couplets with the vered object shown as an illustration. I don’t think that you could ever get sick of looking at this book, but you could get sick of those dodgy rhymes.

Hey, Al by Arthur Yorinks and Richard Egielski


Hey, Al is the story of  the NYC janitor of the title, and his little dog Eddie. It is a very odd little tale. Eddie apparently talks to Al, and they repartee back and forth, in a manner made archetypal by countless movies and TV shows, like a husband and wife. “Oh sure,” Al snapped.”Today it’s a house you want. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe the moon?” One morning a a very large bird pokes his head through the bathroom window and offers them a new life, free  from struggle and toil. The bird comes to collect them the next morning, duly delivering them to the promised land – an island in the sky-. Al and Eddie spend time in the idyllic  land of bliss and wings. So what could go wrong? One day, Al and Eddie realise that the price of paradise means a slow metamorphosis into  birds. They choose mopping floors back in the city  instead, and fly away. With a mishap on the way home, Al l returns alone and bereft – until Eddie – a talented swimmer- belatedly returns. So, ‘Paradise lost is sometimes Heaven found’, or, they all lived happily ever after.

In My Heart (A Book of Feelings) by Jo Witek and illustrated by Christine Roussey


In my Heart is a French import, just released in Australia, and it arrived in my letterbox today. What a lovely start to the day, as this is a beautifully produced book, aimed at gently showing toddlers how to express their feelings. There are layers of die-cut hearts, descending in size throughout the book. The illustrations take the heart as their own, be they the heart of a house, a tree, a magicians hat or an elephant. Each page deals with a different kind of feelings. ‘Sometimes I hide my heart away away where no one can see, like my own small treasure.’ Within this picture book beats the heart of a poet. Just in time for Christmas, put this one under your tree, it’s one to cherish.

There is a Monster Under my Bed Who Farts by Tim Miller + Matt Stanton


You know how everyone blames the baby for the bad smells in the house? Well, this little boy has the explanation. There is a monster under his bed, in the car, the bath, even on the couch competing with dad, and he farts. Why will no one believe the little boy? A cute read, made for exaggerated readings aloud. The fart monster looks so cute and furry. He’s the kind of monster everyone surely wants under their bed?