Although, actually I could write up some reviews of actual love and kindness about the beautiful support that has come our way since Boodi’s diagnosis last week, these are indeed some micro book reviews of some of my favourite books.  The Nancy Tilman books till make me cry each time that I read them to my children (Boodi doesn’t really let me read books to him, though he loves leafing through them himself, but I used to be able to read to him).  The tears are mother tears of love evoked by these books.  They are quite well known, but if you haven’t heard of them, I recommend buying them for your child’s next birthday, or just because)

Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tilman

I believe this is actually the second book in the You are Loved trilogy, but this is the one that I bought when Boodi was a baby and I fell in love with the magical illustrations in a review online.  It begins “I wanted you more than you will ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go.” The illustrations are all of a small boy, in fantasy scenes, dancing with bears, frolicking in the surf with baby elephants, swinging high from a tree swing, watching the dolphins play, and on each page, messages of love that will never leave.  I realise that this MAY sound sappy and kind of stalkerish, but it is pure, pure mother love which, unless it is just me, will indeed reduce you to a teary eyed puddle whenever you read it to your babies.


On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tilman

This is book one in the You are Loved trilogy, but I bought it only recently, for Lady’s first Christmas.  It is every bit as puddle inducing as the one in the previous review.  This book is great for a new baby but equally beautiful to keep on retelling to older children, about how magical and special the world became for them having been bestowed upon it. “When the polar bears heard, they danced until dawn.  From faraway places the geese flew home.”  The illustrations are equally enchanting, but less gender-centric than Wherever You Are, My Love Will Follow.  These are both books that I will keep for my children to give them as adults.

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May I Bring a Friend by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers and illustrated by Beni Montresor

This book arrived in my post box this week, having been highly recommended by my friend Heidi.  It is a slender vintage, Caldecott medal award winning delight of a book.  A small child is invited to the palace for tea with the king and queen.  He asks if he can bring a friend.  The king and queen say yes of course, and so he comes along with a giraffe, tethered with a pink rose.  Next, the little boy is invited for stew, and along he comes with his hippo friend.  Not much is left of the stew.  Through a social calendar of events, the little boy brings his menagerie of friends, to the ongoing delight of his gracious hosts.  With a message of unconditional welcome, this is a book that our current government might like to revisit (sorry, had to say it!).




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