Making: Stories happen, albeit in a slow and somewhat shambolic fashion.

Cooking: Steak Sandwiches (I would like to be making Richard Flanagan’s “Flanatta” bread, but alas! My oven has been out of action for over 2 weeks.

Drinking: A cup of lukewarm tea

Reading: Hannah Richell’s unputdownable Secrets of the Tides

Wanting: To be able to sit down with tea, chocolate and said book and just devour it

Looking: Tired.

Playing: Tossing balls at my 2 year old while he jumps on his little trampoline.

Deciding: Everything will be okay

Wishing: For less aching of the heart

Enjoying: Boodi’s smiles and Lady’s increasing agility

Waiting: For NDIS funding so we can get going with therapies for Boodi.

Liking: My friends, a lot

Wondering: What happens in Secrets of the Tides. I’ll finish it tonight and then be sorry that it’s done. Always the way.

Loving: My family

Pondering: Whether I can finish the story that I have begun!

Considering: Options for a weekend away next weekend

Watching: In the Night Garden, unfortunately

Hoping: Things stay on an even keel

Marvelling: How powerful intuition is

Needing: To lose some weight, later

Smelling: Old Spice. Al just walked past after a shower.

Wearing: An old blue and white striped top and button up denim skirt, oh, and a sleeping baby girl.

Following: Lots of news stories today

Noticing: How dirty the floors look

Knowing: We will survive and flourish

Thinking: Autism is a lot more complex than I knew

Admiring: Our gorgeous blooming red begonia

Sorting: Through baby and toddler clothes

Buying: A present for a brand new baby girl.

Getting: Loads of washing done

Bookmarking: ASD research

Disliking: Our federal government

Opening: A new packet of tea

Giggling: Al’s description of what Boodi has been doing in the shower

Feeling: Blessed

Snacking: Chocolate ripple cake and sundowner apples

Coveting: Mud ceramics

Wishing: For everyone to get along

Helping: Boodi brush his teeth

Hearing: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Push the Sky Away = love

What’s been happening with you?

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