In the Wild by David Elliot and illustrated by Holly Meade

A book of wood cut animal illustrations is accompanied by a poetic menangerie, which criss crosses continents, from Lions, to Kangaroos, Pandas to Polar Bears, and each animal has a ryhming poem of various length and style attached.  Rhyming poetry lends itelf to children’s lit, as you would already have surmised, so why not introduce children to the form of poetry as you read?  I do feel a bit sorry for the poor (splendid) rhino who probably deserves better than the description of ‘A horn stuck on a boot-like face,’, though!

The poems range in tone and length, some are funny and glib, others are more reflective.  Your nature loving child will enjoy this one, while you ruminate on the merits of rhyme, or not.


Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue by Naoko Stoop

Red Knit Cap Girl is a lovely rag doll in a world rendered in acrylic, ink and pencil on plywood in lovely washed shades of colour.  She lives in a gentle land by the sea with her animal friends.  One day she spies something out in the water, it’s a Polar Bear cub, adrift on a patch of ice, far from his cold home.  Red Knit Cap Girl tows him to land from her paper hang glider, and they ask the moon for advice.

They journey through storms in a paper boat and spy the Aurora Borealis on their way to the cold lands that the cub has come from.  When they arrive, they return the bear to his mama bear, much to her undying appreciation.

This is a lovely story about the importance of home and of helping a hand.  The illustrations are exquisite, and it all plays like a child’s dream.  Highly recommend!



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