Facebook reminded me this morning that it is four years today since I started this blog.

It all began without much of a clue or a plan. Here is my first post, back when I had a brand new baby Boodi and had just moved to a new town where I knew hardly anyone. Four years later to the day and I am submitting my first uni assessment. Exciting times!

It’s been a while since I’ve written any children’s book reviews, but the gorgeous Zanni Louise from My Little Sunshine House is doing a Tuesday link up, so I thought that now was the time to jump right back on the horse.

The Butterfly House was a christmas gift that we love to bits.

I had planned to present my review of Aaron Blabey’s I Need a Hug with a Q and A with the man himself but when I sent him an email he sent me back a very sweet and gracious decline. If you already think (as I do) that Aaron is one of the most talented and prolific children’s writers in Australia, then get ready for many treats to come, because he has a whole lot more in the works and is not doing any media while he is writing them and his wife is doing her phd. I can’t wait!

So, without further ado…

The Butterfly House by Sarah l Smith

The butterfly house

This is one of those really unusual books that only comes around every so often.

Inside Lizzy and Jack’s Nana’s house is the butterfly house, filled with butterflies, flying around.

They have brought their new cat, Cat to visit this charming abode. Nana tells them she knows a secret. Nana knows how you can become a butterfly yourself.

Cat is good at chasing butterflies, so just when Nana is about to transform (she has been very hungry lately, afterall), Cat jumps up and chases the butterfly away, so then everyone must chase Cat, and the moment has passed.

The butterflies have escaped and they all need to be herded back into the warmth of the greenhouse, every one.

Between the pages are a love song to the magic of possibilities and the the power of the imagination. Some Nana’s never lost their sense of magic.

Your children (and you) will love this book.

Nana Butterfly

I Need a Hug, by Aaron Blabey

When I saw this book in the planning stages on Aaron’s Facebook page, I knew that I had to have it. We haven’t got an extensive library of Aaron’s books yet. I bought The Ghost of Annabel Crabb when I was pregnant with Boodi (did you know there is an audio version of this book that is narrated by Nick Cave?). I am sure we will gather many more over the years.

I need a hug

I need a hug

The hedgehog in I Need a Hug is desperate for a cuddle but is rejected on all fronts.

When he sees all of the animals running full pelt back in the other direction, he thinks they have all changed their minds and want to be his friend… until they pass him by and keep on running. It is then that our friendly hedgehog meets a snake looking for kisses, and a beautiful friendship is born.

It’s such a simple book and ¬†beautiful in its message that there is someone for everyone, and that just because someone looks a bit different, doesn’t mean they don’t give great hugs and kisses.

<3 This post is dedicated to the memory of Magnus. A wonderful teacher with a passion for life x

Vale Magnus

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